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Independence Historical Museum & Art Center Quilt affair

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Our Story 

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The Little Orange Patch made a conscious decision when we opened to be a community builder and not a retailer.  We are a private in-home studio.  Our roots in the community are through classes and our community. Our goal is to provide an environment that supports opportunity and creativity through learning, sharing, and support. We want to take quilting back to its roots by encouraging recycled clothing, fabric, orphan quilt blocks, and fabric that we receive through donation. We believe that when you provide the resource to create, you empower.


Janet My family and friends call me Peach. I love modern improv quilts, and will recycle any clothing or donated fabrics given to me. I am BIG on renewing old things.


Windall Retired from years of running the road, working pipeline, my wife convinced me to join the Little Orange Patch team.  I am now certified in sewing machine repair and maintenance and get to work side by side with my Peach.


Some will wonder where the name "Little Orange Patch" comes from.  The little orange patch is on my mom's glider in memory of her.  The glider has changed colors but the little orange patch will remain. 

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Please contact us at:

918-978-2233 Quilting Services

918-978-2277 Machine Repair

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