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All over design, Edge to Edge (e2e) starts at .020 per square inch (psi) and increases depending on density of quilting design.  Quilting time and thread usage are determined by quilt design density. 

Small Items

Minimum charge for small items is $40. However, you can combine multiple small items on a single backing and batting. If combined small items exceed the $40 minumum charge due to total square inches then quilting will be calculated by total square inch

Custom Quilting 

Custom Quilting services are available. Addition of border and corner designs are considered semi-custom and additional charges will apply. Addition of special features that require ruler work, free hand work or any addition to edge to edge work are considered semi custom and additional charges will apply.Pieced backs will have an additonal charge due to time spent aligning and centering back. Estimates will be given at intake. 

Quilt Prep

Backing and batting larger than 6-8 inches on all sides should be trimmed of additional fabric or batting. Additional charges will apply if quilt top or back requires pressing other than normal fold creases or threads trimmed in instances where it will affect the quality of the quilting. Please consult with us if you have any questions on your quilt prep!

Basting Only

(for hand quilting or home machine FMQ) all sides and one run horizontal for each roll the entire length of the quilt, .0150 psi


Services are offered and will be billed on a separate invoice and will need to be paid separately. Please check with us for any pricing or questions.

Your Quilt Preparation

Quilt preparation is important to the outcome.  Quilts should be pressed with attention to the seams and threads trimmed. 


Seams on pieced backing should run horizontal for best results. Backing and Batting should measure a minimum of 4-6 inches wider on all 4 sides and not more than 8 inches.


To avoid wavy borders, take a measurement horizontally at top, middle and bottom of quilt. Average these three measurements and cut top and bottom border to that measurement.  Work in fullness if necessary.  Turn quilt and repeat the measurements (including top and bottom border) for length of quilt, measure and cut border for length.  Work in fullness if necessary. Repeat for each additional border. This will keep your quilt square.

It is preferred that minky backing is not pieced.

Please contact us at:

918-978-2233 Quilting Services

918-978-2277 Machine Repair

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