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Who Am I ?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, "What kind of quilter am I? Who am I as a quilter?" I didn't know I had a choice when I started quilting. There was fabric, rules and patterns. I had researched different methods such as piecing, paper piecing, english paper piecing and applique. I didn't really begin to identify as a style of quilter until recently. I have always been a "color outside the lines" kind of girl. I knew that I was enjoying my new found hobby. I was pumping out quilts like a long wed pair of rabbits. Don't get me wrong I felt a certain amount of accomplishment in what I was doing but also a restraint.

I found myself wanting to create quilts that represented me. I wanted my work to reflect who I was. I knew that if I could somehow express myself I would feel free. I wanted to be artistically free but all to often I found myself watching what was trending, popular, newly released or expected.

Quilting is art! Remember that! Art is subjective! Remember that! Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” The definition of art is, "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."

I wasn't there I was still feeling confused about who I was as a quilter. I remember a bible study that once challenged me with the questions, Who are you? Who are you in Christ? I toiled over this for months. I knew I was a wife, a mom, a peach (grandkids name for me as grandma), a quilter and the list goes on and on with nouns that I could describe myself as being. But when I had to search for who I was in Christ I struggled. I remember finally feeling like I knew who I was. I felt like God had created me with a simple heart for the natural things around me. I knew I loved the frugal ways of my great grandma, grandma and mother. I felt a strong desire to be a good steward. My spiritual gifts are encouraging, teaching and giving.

Who am I as a quilter? It was as simple as stopping the search and allowing myself to just be me! So here it is. I seldom follow the rules of quilting (I am a little chaos). I am more of a follow-your-heart kind of girl. I love passing along fabrics, sewing machines and supplies that are donated. I love recycling used clothing and the feeling I get when I make a work of art with very little cost. I feel that encouragement leads to empowerment. Having the ability to give the gift of fabric, time and encouragement to someone and watching their creations unfold makes my heart leap

Who are you? My story isn't your story. You have unique talents, gifts and goals. I gained peace and confidence as a quilter once I accepted who I was. Find what makes you tick. Discovering who you are is a freedom you will never regret.

I would like to encourage you to explore what makes you happy, what makes your heart leap. Don't listen to the outside noise.

If following patterns and collective fabrics is what you love then follow your passion. If no rules and a chaos of fabrics is what you love embrace the chaos. Find what makes you tick. Discovering who you are is a freedom you will never regret.

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