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I've got your back

Do you ever get exhausted running numbers on how much yardage you need for your back. Width & Length add 4" on all sides, vertical seam or horizontal seam, 42/44", 90" or 108" width. You've had your calculator running full steam for what seems like forever. Been there! You are not alone.

I have been doing a little research on the best way to help you. I tried multiple online calculators where you type in the width, length and 4" add then simple hit "calculate". Although this seems like the perfect solution, after using multiple calculators I found that very few of them gave the same result and this caused me stress. There should be no stress in quilting, remember this is our happy place.

I have learned that there is always someone out there that has figured things out and I am not to proud to go looking for them. MSQC has a great post on their blog that takes all the pain out of calculating your quilt back yardage. Happy Quilting!


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