This is what "Hope" looks like!

My husband and I are the proud parents of adult children that believe that change starts with them and the way they raise their children. They are inspirational to us and I have said many times, " I want to grow up to be like them".

On a recent visit to Denver to see our children and grandchildren I received the gift of a lifetime. A handmade card from our granddaughter Ella Mae with a request, "Peach will you please teach me how to quilt." (My family calls me "Peach"). It was almost a plea surrounded by hearts and images that displayed love and a genuine desire. My heart melted!

What's next, obviously a shopping trip for a new sewing machine and fabric. We spent the next two days learning safety and the basics she would need to carry on after we left. What came next should be an example of fearlessness, determination and a passion for others.

At a block party hosted by her parents she began asking the adults if they wanted to donate money for fabric so she could make quilts for the homeless in Denver. The adults, curious, went to our son questioning Ella's request for money. Our son informed them that it was legitimate, that Ella owned a sewing machine, could use it and had completed a quilt on her own. They donated $120 that Ella immediately purchased fabric with! Changing the world! I am a proud Peach!


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