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New Year, New Block of the Month

I Love picking out fabric for my next quilt. I am ready to get started on a new Block of the Month. I am feeling a little adventurous and would like to try something new. Are you in?

Have you experienced frustration during a project when you come across a term or a method you are unfamiliar with? Whew, good it isn't just me. Maybe there is a method that works better for you, maybe you like written instructions, pictures or even videos. Because I am fairly new to quilting, 8 years, I love it when I can find all my answers in one spot instead of surfing the internet or referencing other patterns. I feel I waste so much time and then what I should be loving, what should bring me joy is now a negative experience. I would like to fix that. I would also like to change the world but this felt a lot closer to my wheel house.

I am going to start a BOM class online. I am still working on a few of the details, like what should I wear, do I need a new look, can I loose some poundage before pictures and videos, HAH! No seriously, this is a learning experience for me and I want it to be a positive one for you as well. Once you purchase the pattern online you will be granted access to a private page/group where I will have pictures and videos of each block and lots of tips, hints and nuggets. The page/group will also give you an opportunity to share with other members so we can all learn from each other. Don't you just love sharing!

Please check back for enrollment details. I look forward to having you as a part of this new journey with me. I also have a special treat for one special person that enrolls, hmmmmmm.......