Let's get real for a minute......

I have a love for all things that feel real and genuine. I love plain muslin on the back of quilts, vintage fabric, a simple stipple and quilts that have been loved and used.

I recently bought a ziplock bag full of hand cut dresden plate pieces. The cardboard template was still with them. I immediately fell in love. I looked through each of them touching and admiring the fabrics. I felt a sense of respect for the precision with which they were cut. It made me wonder, who did they belong to? Who was it being made for? How did they end up in a ziplock bag?

As much as I drool over a beautifully pieced custom quilted show stopper, I long for the comfort of a scrappy quilt made of vintage fabric with a muslin back and simple stipple. I wonder about the hands that cut the pieces. I wonder if the fabrics were the scraps of dresses and shirts that were made out of a need to be frugal. I think of my grandma and contemplate if I should hand quilt it.

Today quilting has become the result of mechanical fabric cutters, fancy sewing machines and longarms that will do everything but fix my morning coffee. There are rotary cutters, mats, fancy rulers, irons that pop up and fabric shop trips that would make my husband gasp. Piecing is nested, fussy cut and displayed on design boards. I am guilty! And then.....I look at my grandma's guilt. There are few matching seams and no fussy cutting but meticulously hand sewn with patience and perseverance into a masterpiece.

If I could teach one thing in my classes it would be a lesson on real and genuine.


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