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You have heard of the phrase "color outside the lines". I look at binding as that window of opportunity to break the rules, jump in the puddles and color outside of the lines.

Remember that quilting is art and art is subjective. So seize the moment and take liberty with your choice. I like to use brightly colored #12 pearl cotton and big stitch quilting, it makes a BIG statement in a small space. A blanket stitch with pearl cotton thread also makes a nice looking binding. On more traditional quilts, which I seldom make, a more traditional hand stitched binding is preferred.

This would be a good time to test out which width of binding looks best on your quilt. On baby quilts or small lap quilts I like to cut my binding 2". I feel that the small quilts can look disproportional with wide binding. I have been know to cut binding 3.5" for minky and cuddle quilts. A wider cut border helps to get over the bulk of minky and cuddle fabric and creates a nice bordered look.

Hand stitching or machine stitching is totally a personal choice. There are lots of great ways to machine stitch. Remember when hand stitching sew the binding on the top and roll to the back; when machine stitching sew the binding on the back and roll to the front. Don't be afraid to try your machines decorative stitches when machine binding.

I hope this gives you the courage to try a few non-traditional binding methods and to color outside the lines with your fabric choice.

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Do you ever get exhausted running numbers on how much yardage you need for your back. Width & Length add 4" on all sides, vertical seam or horizontal seam, 42/44", 90" or 108" width. You've had your calculator running full steam for what seems like forever. Been there! You are not alone.

I have been doing a little research on the best way to help you. I tried multiple online calculators where you type in the width, length and 4" add then simple hit "calculate". Although this seems like the perfect solution, after using multiple calculators I found that very few of them gave the same result and this caused me stress. There should be no stress in quilting, remember this is our happy place.

I have learned that there is always someone out there that has figured things out and I am not to proud to go looking for them. MSQC has a great post on their blog that takes all the pain out of calculating your quilt back yardage. Happy Quilting!


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Today I found myself blessed with a little bit of what felt like heaven. After picking tomatoes, green beans and squash from the garden I made a fresh loaf of Irish soda bread and indulged in a lunch that filled not only my belly but my spirit. I cannot look at the bounty I gleaned today without thinking about what an awesome God we have. I wanted to share with you today in hopes that you are also are having a blessed day. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 "Everything God created is good, and to be received with thanks. Nothing is to be sneered at and thrown out."

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